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What is Free Net Pass (FNP)?
FNP is the largest FREE adult password system on the Internet. FNP protects thousands of adult sites, like this one, that contain countless pictures, movies, stories and more! By getting your Free Net Pass, you will have absolute FREE unlimited access to this site and all of the sites in the entire system for 1 year! 

What happens after 1 year?
After one year your Free Net Pass will automatically be canceled. Your card will NEVER be charged for your Free Net Pass!

Why should I get a Free Net Pass?
FNP gives you unlimited access to thousands of adult sites and their content for free! FNP is up and running 24 hours/day, 365 days/year and you can access the system from any computer in the world with your password. All sites are listed at

Where Can I Get More Information?
You will find more information on the next page!

So what’s the catch? 
There is no catch!  You get access to the thousands of adult sites on the Free Net Pass system all for FREE!  

How often are new sites added to the link list?
FNP receives hundreds of new sites daily!  They contain everything you can imagine from pictures to stories and video and in every category from teen amateurs to cutting edge voyeur sites!

What is FNP Premium?
FNP Premium is a PAY upgrade to your Free Net Pass that allows you to access thousands of more sites all with outstanding content.  These sites must have at least 300 pictures and contain very limited advertisements.  Only the best sites pass our tests and become FNP Premium.  With your FNP Premium membership not only do you get access to this site, but you get access to over 45,000 protected sites.

  • Hardcore Movie of the Week
  • Fetish Movie of the Week
  • Anal University
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  • XXX Sushi Bar
  • Fetish Factory
  • Lesbomatic
  • Let's Play Doctor
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  • Foot Frenzy
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  • Pregnant Pounders
  • Mammoth Juggs
  • 100's of hours of steamy adult movies!
  • Phone Sex Fantasies
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  • A ton of other adult games!

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